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For Joshua, helping people gain new emotional health skills isn’t only a commitment, but also a passion.

"With a needs based approach, action-based learning paradigm and a personal story rich with overcoming adversity, I can motivate, connect with and engage with people from all walks of life. This includes young people from 10+yrs of age, workshops for college students, personal and professional development seminars and training packages tailored to your needs."


About Me

Paving the Way to a Brighter Future

I began youth work at age 17. As a 'troubled teen' myself, I was passionate about providing rich, safe and healthy recreation opportunities for other youth. I volunteered at local youth groups including the PCYC and occasionally during the day would facilitate social and emotional wellbeing programs in local high schools for youth charities. At age 24, I purchased my first business and began hiring young people to help me grow my business. I wrote a values program and used it to induct the young people I would hire to a healthy values framework that would enable them to have success in their chosen profession. In 2011, the high school local to my business asked me to bring the values program into the school and begin working with students whose attendance was low. After almost 8 years owning that same business, I sold it and started working for charities, one as the South East QLD Hub Manager and the other as the National Program Coordinator and used my networks and programs to see people of all ages begin to enhance their values. After multiple public speaking engagements, I saw an opportunity to begin running programs in schools and registered training organisations as a motivational speaker. Today, I deliver programs in schools across the South East of QLD and Victoria alongside seminars, corporate culture building programs and community involvement. I am a father of two daughters, two sons, a husband and a business owner on a personal mission to help others see and understand that the power of world-class culture can enhance their values and help them grow into their vast potential.



A Wide Range of Enriching Programs


Youth Presentations & Programs

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow


World Class Culture that integrates Values


Organisational Culture Change

A four phase program to enhance the culture of your organisation

Whole and healthy staff make organisations run more efficiently in a variety of ways. Staff whose needs are being proactively and positively met, not only by the systemic measures we help to put in place but also by each other amidst an honouring and emotionally safe workplace culture, have a lesser impact upon human resources, require fewer personal days, last longer in their professions (lower staff turnover) and work harder for longer. When your work is fulfilling     (not necessarily because of the nature of the work itself, but because of the culture) our productivity, efficiency and sense of belonging are dramatically increased. Reach out to us today to receive a preliminary proposal and begin your journey of culture change!




Advanced understanding & skills to enhance your emotional health.

Access to highly engaging and motivating video sessions with Motivational Speakers Joshua Schloss and Lorin Nicholson.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to hone your relational skills.

Creating Great Leaders - Improving Relational Outcomes - Unlocking Personal Potential Transforming Lives!



Enhancing your Self-Awareness and understanding yourself more deeply.


Enhancing your relationships, Growing in your ability to bring out the best in others.


Enhancing my relationship with myself, understanding that all emotional health skills start within.


  • Access to 10 hours of highly engaging, informative and motivational training videos with Josh & Lorin

  • Your own personal training booklet to measure and evaluate your transformation

  • An advanced understanding of how to improve your own mental and emotional health and capacity

  • Develop enhanced communication and relational skills

  • Real-world context examples and implementation

  • The core values required for life success

  • Regular on-line community support and personal mentoring


Students are invited up on stage to venture through the Virtual Simulation. A throwable microphone is used to capture the thoughts of the audience.
Heartfelt stories of overcoming adversity are appropriately shared including themes such as (but not limited to): bullying, sexual confusion, low self-esteem, drugs, alcohol and suicide.
Our Self-Concept is explored, the impact of our Self-Talk is highlighted, the immersive nature of our individual hardships is compassionately revealed.
Students leave bonded through a shared fun, humorous and interactive experience. Empathy, compassion and forgiveness are developed across entire year levels.


Upcoming Events

  • Deeper Intervention
    Mon, 26 Jul
    Tranquil Park Maleny
    26 Jul, 8:20 am – 28 Jul, 4:30 pm
    Tranquil Park Maleny, 483 Mountain View Rd, Maleny QLD 4552, Australia
    This is an excellent opportunity to receive Advanced Training in group facilitation skills, world-class culture implementation, non-punitive behaviour management strategies and access to programs and content that all of us (as well as those we do life with) need to grow into our FULL potential!


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The content is brilliant and the activities and discussions are very effective.

Kim Cornish, Bremer State High School Youth Support Coordinator.