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Joshua Schloss

I began youth work at age 17. As a 'troubled teen' myself, I was passionate about providing rich, safe and healthy recreation opportunities for other youth. I volunteered at local youth groups including the PCYC and during the day would facilitate social and emotional wellbeing programs in local high schools for youth charities. At age 24, I purchased my first business and began hiring disadvantaged young people to help me grow my business. I wrote a values program and used it to induct the young people I would hire to a healthy values framework that would enable them to have success in their chosen profession. In 2011, the high school local to my business asked me to bring the values program into the school and begin working with students whose attendance was low. After almost 8 years in the same business, I sold my business and started working for a charity as the National Program Coordinator and used my networks and programs to see people of all ages begin to enhance their values. After multiple public speaking opportunities/engagements, I saw an opportunity to begin running programs in schools and registered training organisations (RTO's) as a motivational speaker. Today, I run programs in schools across the South East of QLD alongside Seminars, Corporate Culture Building and community involvement. I am a Father of a daughter, two sons, a husband and a Business Owner on a personal mission to help others enhance their values and grow into their vast potential.

Natalie Isbel

For the last 20 years, Nat has been working or volunteering in youth education and development. Not only has she thrived at the chance to help foster positive youth wellbeing, but she also gets the opportunity to release her own inner child and continually grow and learn herself! A significant part of her career has been in Outdoor Education which stemmed from her own school camp experiences that opened her eyes to different ways of approaching life and allowed her to grow in confidence in new surroundings. She is highly skilled in supporting students’ self-discovery, teamwork, problem solving and general life skills via outdoor adventures, activities and camps with a strong focus on reflection through scaffolded journeys and thought provoking debriefs. ‘I’ve been fortunate enough to work throughout South East Queensland and Victoria as well as travelling the world taking students on leadership and teamwork expeditions. It was especially exciting to see young people discover the wonders of new cultures and develop independence while still succeeding within a team environment.’ Natalie Isbel. With the local Scout Group in her street, Natalie volunteered as a Cub Scout Leader and relished the community and culture. A Cub Scout parent saw her potential and swiftly recommended her for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA), a program she became heavily involved in. It also opened the door for her to help facilitate RYPEN, the Rotary Youth Program for Enrichment. Her university experience in Primary Education, career in Outdoor Education and current Teacher Aide Practicals have given Natalie insight into the benefits of social and emotional wellbeing within the school environment and beyond and she looks forward to further creating strong and safe cultures!

Kerie Schaber

Kerie grew up in NZ spending her teenage years being involved with Christian Surfers NZ. Kerie found this experience of being around good role models incredibly inspiring as a young person. This lead to moving to Australia in 1996 to continue working with youth and young people alongside Youth With A Mission Australia. Over the years this has had many faces including high school events, youth day trips and camps, taking teams of young people all over the world on trips and working in schools with learning assist and mentoring at risk youth. Kerie is currently working as a teacher aide with diverse learners alongside being a Mum to a teen and a tween. Her passion has always been to give young people options to make their lives better. Kerie believes many of our problems as adults could be avoided if we had the encouragement and tools to make different choices earlier in life.

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