Programs We Offer

Legacy & Leadership Workshops

These engaging and activity based workshops will see your captains and student leaders hear motivating stories about legacy and will learn that leadership is far more than giving speeches and organising events.
We will discuss the ingredients at a values level that a leader must grow and employ in order to be successful and to have a positive and lasting legacy.
Then we move into activity rotation sessions to draw out leadership principles that are each debriefed utilising Action-based Learning and self-discovery guided reflections.
Then finally we move to a time of reflection and note taking, with a handout provided that students are encouraged to keep all year to theme their leadership, we re-cap the take-homes and make hard goals and commitments to achieve them.


Intervention Programs

We understand what it feels like to be forming your own identity. We have learned that life’s battles can be won, by levelling up our values and arming ourselves with a sense of humour and an optimistic attitude. Appropriately sharing their struggles, Joshua and the team encourages young people to view their lives through new lenses. These programs, rich with take-homes, skill participants to take life on as empowered future leaders with enormous potential!

Large Audience Presentations

Joshua's engaging and entertaining presentations and workshops are delivered to students at Primary Schools, High Schools, Universities, Youth Camps, Conferences and Council Events. Joshua can present on a range of topics, some of the more regularly asked for topics include; Respectful Behaviours (Anti-Bullying Discussion) Avoiding the false masculine (An intimate look into what it means to be an emotionally healthy man in today's world) The dangers of sex (A captivating exploration of the risks of being sexually active too young or while at school) What is love really? (The value of love not the feeling of love) Safe Schoolies (A humorous discussion around how terribly wrong schoolies can go and how to navigate it successfully and safely) HYPER-REALITY (Josh's most popular talk which uses a Virtual Reality on stage experience to open an informative and personal discussion around mental health, emotional health, human kindness and empathy).

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Leadership Summit

This inspiring, heartfelt and passionate day comes to you from the masters of Action-Based Learning, delivering a robust combination of motivational speaking and small group practical sessions. Facilitators specialise in a style that guarantee's a higher degree of integration and application of the theme's discussed through-out the day.

We seek to bring student leaders from across Brisbane, Moreton Bay Region and the Sunshine Coast together for a fun and interactive day of learning, exploring and discussing the intricacies of leadership. Click below to pre-register your expected numbers so we can ensure we have seats for you when the time comes to sell tickets. Tickets will be on sale for $50 per Student and $20 per Teacher.


Half Day Programs


Full Day Programs




What Students have to say.

The presentation really was the most interesting part and moving part of the whole program. It gave me a boost in life.

Isaiah: Year 7 Boy

I learned not to judge, it was funny which made it exciting and I really enjoyed the VR.

Riley: Year 5 Boy

This presentation will change the way I think about the topics covered for the rest of my life.

Payton: Year 11 Girl